Human Fall Flat 2

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Since there have been no official announcements or details about the release of the second part of the Human: Fall Flat, let’s think together about some of the possible improvements that can be in our long-awaited continuation! The new version will probably also be based on physics theory and a puzzle platformer.

Discover something novel

In the sequel, players are waiting for complex and interesting missions that defy the laws of physics. Here will introduce fresh mechanics and features to improve your character by offering certain bonuses and rewards. In addition, there may be opportunities to expand not only your territory, but also your team, with the possibility of playing with more than 8 participants.

More complex creative tasks await you in unusual areas, each with its own unique atmosphere. Imagine exploring a majestic castle with high walls and intricate architecture, traversing ancient Aztec ruins, traveling through mountains with icy platforms and snowy peaks, heading into a vibrant forest with tall trees and flowing rivers, or discovering lava underground passages.

All these diverse locations enhance impressions and experiences. Get ready for a mysterious and atmospheric journey in which you travel and uncover the secrets of treacherous sites through navigation.

Settings improvement

The continuation aims to fix and address some of the bugs that players encountered in the previous game. For example, the “share invitation” option in private rooms will work correctly, ensuring that the invitation link is valid. Checkpoint saves shall not be reset for subsequent missions, eliminating the need to start from the beginning each time.

The movements shall become faster, and the controls smoother, without bugs. In addition, the play introduces novel areas to explore as you progress through the levels.

Stay tuned for Human: Fall Flat! Additional landscapes, locations, levels and characters, each with its own distinct visual style and atmosphere, immersing in a whimsical and fabulous world. The sequel will provide new opportunities for creative problem solving and exploration, encouraging you to experiment and find unique solutions to the game’s puzzles.