Human Fall Flat

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The main goal of game Human: Fall Flat is to take the main character Bob through a series of stages filled with puzzles and challenges. The ultimate goal is to reach the exit point.

The play provides many tools and mechanisms for interacting with the environment and overcoming obstacles. Let’s take a closer look at what opportunities our project provides you.

Physics based movements

You are able to control Bob’s movement, make him walk or run-in different directions, jump to get over small obstructions or achieve higher platforms, as well as extend his arms and grab onto objects or ledges.

Apply force to objects by pushing or pulling them. It allows you to move there and create paths, lift certain subjects such as boxes or boards and carry them to use as steps or bridges.

It’s important to utilize the game’s physics engine to your advantage. For example, swinging subjects can generate momentum to reach distant platforms, or adding weight to one side of a lever can trigger mechanisms.

Interesting tests

The levels are designed with various brain teasers that require you to observe your surroundings and find the right solutions, such as activating switches, opening doors, or navigating complex mazes.

You will need to face platforms of other shapes, sizes and heights. Time your jumps carefully, use your grappling abilities and master wobbly moves to successfully, as well as pull levers, press buttons to unlock doors or create new paths.

Be part of the team

A multiplayer mode that lets you play with friends locally or online. Together you are able to solve puzzles together, overcome obstacles and progress through levels, as many tasks require simultaneous joint actions.

A robust character customization system allows you to dress up in a variety of outfits with a unique sense of style and the ability to be like your partner. And also, give a special look by changing his eyes, eyebrows, nose and other facial features.

It is important to note that Human: Fall Flat offers a wide range of mechanics, brainteasers and interactions that encourage you to think creatively and experiment with different solutions, which makes the walkthrough unique.

The open world lets you be flexible in your approach to tasks, to feel proud of your personal achievements in the game! Remember that the fun lies in exploring on your own or in collaboration, so enjoy the process of navigating, revealing humorous and unexpected results!