Stumble Guys

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Stumble Guys is an expansive multiuser knockout project that supports online matches with up to 32 players. Control delightful and clumsy characters in different guises as they navigate bizarre levels filled with traps and obstructions.

From oscillating hammers and spinning platforms to rolling boulders and crumbling floors. The goal is to be the last survivor by successfully completing the finish line, becoming the best among other participants and unpredictable chaos.

The gameplay mechanics are simple yet fun. You have to run, jump, dive and make your way through the difficulties, trying to keep your balance and not fall. The controls are clear enough to quickly adapt and respond to ever-changing conditions.

Vibrant and colorful visuals, carefree atmosphere and dynamic process offers you an enjoyable and fun mode for all ages. Experience with us the moments of both triumph and failure, do not be afraid to stumble along the way to victory.