Ultimate Chicken Horse

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Extreme party multiplayer platform game developed by Clever Endeavor Games. Control cute, customizable animals like chickens, horses, sheep and raccoons and so on. Your goal is to reach the end of the level by overcoming many threats, but what’s most interesting is that you build the levels yourself.

At the beginning of each round, you are presented with a grid-based layout and a selection of different objects, platforms, traps, and hazards.

Place objects thus creating a difficult path to the goal, collect rewards, get coins and compete with each other. Express your creativity with unlockable customization options that will allow you to personalize your animal characters.

We offer an unforgettable experience with lovable characters, creative and strategic paths, and unpredictable outcomes, making it a popular choice for parties, get-togethers, and casual gaming sessions with friends. Join us in this exciting process!