Wobbly Life New Version

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Introducing the third pre-release multiplayer sandbox game! In this section, we are pleased to introduce a new arcade mode called “Wobble Run”. An exciting race that takes place on colorful obstacle courses.

To emerge victorious, you must use your jumping, dodging, grabbing and swinging skills. Cross the finish line to show the best time and win first place!

To ensure fair rules, you are not allowed to seize each other. In addition, most obstacles cannot be taken, unless it is necessary to overcome. Don’t worry if you accidentally fall off the track or crash, you will return to the furthest point you have reached, giving you the opportunity to continue the race.

Kindly be aware that all the mentioned content is currently undergoing continual growth and may undergo modifications. We are continuously striving to enhance and refine the overall experience, so keep an eye out for future updates!